The Food Ventures Center (FVC), slated to open in 2002, is the first project in the United States that will pair a public market with a business development program.  It will be a model for this type of economic development. Grower producers from the historic Findlay Market, who have completed our agricultural business-training program, will be an excellent resource for entrepreneurs who will be participating in the new kitchen business incubator. The FVC will also house a small retail outlet where member entrepreneurs can sell their pastas, preserves, sauces and baked goods.


The FVC will feature a 7,000 square foot shared use commercial kitchen complete with state-of-the-art culinary equipment that will be available to member businesses on an hourly basis. It will provide storage, refrigeration, meeting and preparation space for up to 30 food-based businesses. The anchor tenants, those that use the facility 40+ hours per week, will provide the economic stability that will enable CBI to offer job training and other community building programs. Our kitchen will also have a USDA number, allowing CBI to offer our services to the highest level food production businesses and increasing our value at point of sale.




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