Cincinnati Business Incubator, Inc. (CBI) is one of over 550 incubators in operation in North America. Incubators provide an environment where small businesses can receive education, technical assistance, office space, share administrative support, work collaboratively, and form valuable network partnerships for financing and other professional services.

We serve all small businesses, with a special focus on minority and women owned-companies.  The goal of incubation is to produce successful graduates so that  they are financially viable and freestanding when they leave the incubator. Most businesses participate in our program for 3-5 years and then "graduate". CBI has graduated 25 businesses including our first national franchisee, Mrs. Fields Cookies".


CBI has recently occupied a facility near Findlay Market Square.  The 40,000 square foot building opens the door for increased opportunities to:

  • expand the focus toward assisting technology based businesses.
  • incubate more on and off site businesses.
  • provide training programs on-site.
  • open a new commercial kitchen incubator, the Food Ventures Center.



CBI is committed to being a leader of broad-based economic development in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our mission is to support the business community by providing training, management and financial resources, expertise and support networks that enable diverse small businesses to succeed and prosper.


Tenants can  print stamps online now.  Click here to receive !


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